Monday, March 1, 2010

For the Sake of Completeness

... here's how the Pick 'Em shook out. Congrats to Chris C., who I tabbed as a contender in the December 30 entry. At least I was able to predict something this bowl season.

1Mangino's ChinsChris C.22-1239798.3
2jimlaipply 1Jimmah 20-1437795.4
3Kitten MittonsWolfe21-1337795.4
4BenKarrasch 1take a guess20-1437294.3
5d32moyer 1Di24-1036391.5
6Smokin LaGarrette BlountTodd20-1436291.1
7Where's the meatloaf ma!?Chris B.21-1336190.7
8Every Rose Has a BuckeyeRyan20-1436090.4
9Ginger BowlsYours Truly19-1535688.7
9I Can Has VICTORY?Matt N.18-1635688.7
11Jesse Palmer's PicksJesse Palmer18-1635186.2
12Super SnavelyDonnie Smavels20-1435085.7
13Shiva BowlKristin18-1634381.6
14I Phucked Toger Woods ; )Sean19-1533374.9
15Joel Bribes the JuryRob Durham18-1632467.9

And yes, Sean had that stupid emoticon in his pick set name. For the sake of humiliating people, here were the bottom five: Heather (percentile 19.1), Evan (16.9), My Dad (14.0), Phil! (6.9, and we finally found out whose entry 'Ol Drippie' was!), and, last but not least, Al (4.6). Everyone else: you ended up being irrelevant. Congratulations. Although special mention should be given to Katey Munger, who managed to go 17-17 and finish in percentile 50.0. See you all next year. And maybe we will bring this thing back around for the NCAA Tournament pool? Anyone? Bueller?

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