Saturday, December 31, 2011

Illinois vs. UCLA has a chatisfactory coaching situation


Bowl Pool Update: December 31, 2011

Wha happen'?

BYU 24, Tulsa 21
In an oddly defensive game, the two offenses combined to complete fewer than 50% of their passes and rushed for 2.4 and 1.4 yards per carry, respectively. Tulsa led most of the game, but BYU scored a touchdown on the Dan Marino Fake Spike Oh Noes play with 40 seconds left to give the Cougs the win. Their QB finished the game 17-for40 for 6.3 yards per attempt, 3 TDs and 2 INTs. Yeah, he won. This game was really kind of tedious to watch, but probably not as tedious as...

Rutgers 27, Iowa State 13
In a battle between two bad teams, Iowa State out-badded Rutgers. The Scarlet Knights used competent defense and a good running game to beat ISU's own-foot-shooting quarterbacks. Rutgers rushed for 173 yards and their QBs didn't make mistakes (usually overthrowing the ball and giving their gigantic receivers a chance against ISU's midget corners, i.e., "this is either gonna be incomplete or my mutant receiver is gonna make an acrobatic catch"). The teams combined to go 4-for-26 on third downs, each side going 2-for13. ISU's quarterbacks were plainly awful. Jared Barnett was 2-7 before getting hurt. Steele Jantz then came in and went 15-31 for 6.4 yards per attempt and two picks. He also regularly overthrew wide open receivers, most notably when he overthrew his wide-open running back on a screen pass. By ten yards. ISU's two best receivers caught three of their fourteen targets. Conversely, Rutgers WR Brandon Coleman caught one of the five passes that went his way, but it went for an 86-yard touchdown, effectively icing what was at that point a one-score game. Summarization of the game from three lines of the chat we did yesterday:

Jeff: How did ISU beat Oklahoma State?
Todd and Jack, simultaneously: How did they beat ANYONE?

Mississippi State 23, Wake Forest 17
I have no idea how Wake Forest ever wins games. It seems like they've been getting results purely on the margins for like ten years now. According to SBN's Bill Connelly, Wake Forest gained a turnover points margin of 18.4 points in this game (forcing 4 turnovers while never turning it over themselves), which is the only reason they were even close, as MSU outgained them by 100 yards and had a 6.5 to 3.3 advantage in yards per play. When forced into passing situations, Wake Forest's offense became useless: their pass plays on 3rd or 4th and long (defined as 6 yards or more to go) gained an average of -1.1 yards per play. MSU had 12 tackles for loss and were just, you know, better.

Oklahoma 31, Iowa 14
Early in this game, Iowa went for it on fourth and 1 from the Oklahoma 5-yard line. They lined up in a tight formation with Marvin McNutt the only receiver. Oklahoma apparently didn't see McNutt, because they didn't line anyone up to cover him, and McNutt was waiving his arms wildly trying to get QB James Vandenberg's attention. He apparently failed, because Vandenberg proceeded to hand the ball off to Jordan Canzeri, who got swallowed for a three yard loss. Oklahoma went into halftime up 14-0 despite gaining only 89 yards, as they had one 64-yard TD drive and one 5-yard TD drive after an idiotic Vandenberg interception. Their other four drives all went three-and-out. Both teams averaged 3.3 yards per play in the first half. Oklahoma's average starting field position was their 42-yard-line. Iowa never started a drive outside their own 30. Iowa outgained OU for the game and turnovers and special teams were the difference here, but, with the media climate the way that it is, the fact that a 4-4 Big Ten team essentially played toe-to-toe with mighty Oklahoma will be completely overlooked, and this will somehow be viewed as a failure for the Big Ten.

Not a ton of movement in the pick 'em, as it seems like favorites are winning most of the games. Top 15 as of today is below.

1Dantonio BanderasElliott14-4270337
2Which Way Do I Geaux?Joel M.15-3256322
3For Whom the Belk TollsJeff11-7232305
4Probably no 8-0 goodEne14-4260304
5Dr. Bacon McBratwurstSean15-3290300
6Make it Rainey on Dem HosTyler15-3311287
9Aww, Fuck It!Christina14-4311269
10ArmpunterDonnie Smavels13-5298266
11Skee Town SizzlersWolfe14-4328254
12Picks? Nope: Chuck TestaYours Truly12-6292252
13rustyballoonknotK. Keenan13-5346240
14I Just Want My Kids Back!Fred15-3381236

Friday, December 30, 2011

Iowa State v. Rutgers livechatsplosiongasm


Bowl Pool Update: It Has to be Done

Don't forget the chat later today at or around 3:20. But before that, let's take a look at wha happen'.

Florida State 18, No-trah Dame 14
With about six minutes left in the third quarter, FSU trailed 14-3 and had amassed only 129 yards of offense. They then embarked on a 10-play, 84-yard touchdown drive that no one saw coming, culminating in an 18-yard touchdown pass on the first play of the fourth quarter. Brian Kelly continued his quarterback roulette routine and brought in Andrew Hendrix, who promptly threw a pick, FSU taking over at the ND 18-yard-line. They punched in another TD to take the lead and never trailed again. On three straight second half drives (including a 71-yard FG drive later in the fourth), FSU gained about half the yards they would gain in the game. Meanwhile, Tommy Rees did what Tommy Rees does, which is turn the ball over inside the red zone. He threw two picks in the FSU endzone, the last of which occurred with just over three minutes left and ND trailing by four. In all, No-trah Dame scored a grand total of seven points on four trips inside the FSU 40-yard-line (one TD, one missed FG, two picks in the end zone).

Baylor 67, Warshington 56
Holy shit, this wasn't even "defense-optional," it was "defense nonexistent." The teams combined for 1397 yards and there's almost no limit to the bizarre things you could say about this game. The teams obliterated the record for most combined yards in a bowl game, beating the old record by almost 200 yards. Look at that final score. There was one field goal in this game. Every other point was scored by touchdowns. Seventeen of them. SEVENTEEN TOUCHDOWNS. Yes, that is a new bowl record. The teams combined for six touchdowns and 43 points in the third quarter. There were nineteen KICKOFFS in this game. Both teams went 3-for-4 on fourth downs. Each team punted only twice (frankly, I'm shocked there were that many). For all the gaudy stats, Heisman winner Robert Griffin, III had a quiet night passing, going 24-33 for 295 yards and one score. Baylor did most of their damage on the ground, as three different rushers gained 100 rushing yards, led by Terrance Ganaway's 200 yards on 21 carries. On the other side, Warshington QB Keith Price threw for 438 yards and four scores, with no picks. He also rushed for 39 yards and three more TDs. Yes, his seven total touchdowns is a new bowl game record. And Chris Spielman was doing the color commentary for this defensive atrocity! He was clearly frustrated and appeared at one point to say about Baylor's defense, "To me, the guys out there have no idea what they're doing." Warshington scored an 80-yard touchdown on the first play of the second half to go up 42-24. Baylor outscored them 43-14 the rest of the way. This game was bananas.

Now, I normally don't do an update so soon after another update unless there were a bunch of games played, but this is a special occasion, because as of today, right now, Sean has exactly 220 points. Which is, of course, at least 220. And that fact needs to be preserved. You're welcome.

1Dantonio BanderasElliott11-3369245
1Which Way Do I Geaux?Joel M.11-3333245
3For Whom the Belk TollsJeff9-5321239
5Dr. Bacon McBratwurstSean12-2391220
5Probably not 8-0 goodEne11-3360220
7Make it Rainey on Dem HosTyler11-3382216
9Aww, Fuck It!Christina11-3388201
10Skee Town SizzlersWolfe11-3402194
11rustyballoonknotK. Keenan11-3435189
11Falcon AmazingAly11-3384189
11ArmpunterDonnie Smavels10-4395189
14Picks? Nope: Chuck TestaYours Truly9-5369180
15I Just Want My Kids Back!Fred11-3444173

Through fourteen games, the standings of our dumb little bowl team fantasy league are thus:

Ryan: 3-1 (W: Marshall, Boise State, Texas; L: No-trah Dame)
Todd: 1-2 (W: Baylor; L: Utah State, North Carolina)
Sean: 1-1 (W: Southern Miss; L: Air Force)
Jeff: 2-3 (W: Temple, NC State; L: San Diego State, Florida Int'l, Western Michigan)
Scott: 3-1 (W: Ohio, Purdue, Florida State; L: Wyoming)
Jack: 3-1 (W: TCU, Missourah, Toledo; L: Louisville)

Nobody took Louisiana Lafayette (W), Louisiana Tech (L), Arizona State (L), Nevada (L), California (L), or Warshington (L).

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bowl Pool Update: December 29, 2011


Missouri 41, North Carolina 24
This was a classic shitstomping. North Carolina came into the game giving up 108 rushing yards per game. Missourah had two different players rush for at least that amount, and totaled 337 yards on the ground. The Tigers only ended up outgaining UNC by 160 yards, but a lot of that is cosmetic, as Missourah ran off 31 straight points after spotting the Tar Heels an opening touchdown drive. Missourah finished the game 10-14 on third downs and gained 7.1 yards per play for the game. And UNC’s defensive coordinator and interim head coach is now coming to OSU! Oh goody!

Purdue 37, Western Michigan 32
Unequivocally the wildest bowl game thus far, it will take something flat-out insane for some other game to outdo this one. The teams combined for 927 yards and eleven (eleven!) turnovers. Here’s how batshit crazy this game was: two different times in the second half, Purdue forced a WMU turnover then fumbled the ball back to WMU on the return. Twice! Purdue threw a 99-yard kickoff return touchdown in for good measure. Bronco QB Alex Carder threw for 439 yards, 3 TDs, and 4 INTs, and was harassed by the Purdue D-line all game. Purdue’s lines won this game, as the Boilers rushed for over 250 yards, stuffed WMU’s run game (2.0 yards per carry), and pressured the crap out of Carder.

N.C. State 31, Louisville 24
A remarkably even game, as Louisville finished with more yards, N.C. State had a better yards per play average, and both teams turned it over three times. The difference was that one of Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater’s three interceptions was returned 64 yards for a touchdown. The Wolfpack D threw the kitchen sink at Louisville, as Bridgewater was sacked five times and N.C. State finished with twelve tackles for loss. The teams combined to go 1-for-7 on fourth down attempts.

Toledo 42, Air Force 41
Is it a coincidence that probably the two most entertaining games of bowl season thus far (YMMV on SDSU/LaLaf) featured a heaping helping of hot steamy MACtion? The Rockets and Falcons both went over five yards per play, both turned the ball over twice, and the game was 28-28 at halftime. Toledo got an 87-yard kickoff return touchdown from Buckeye Tormentor Eric Page. Air Force went 5-for-6 on fourth down conversions. With all the wackiness back and forth, the game’s denouement was downright Tressel-ian in its focus on special teams: Toledo downed consecutive fourth quarter punts inside the Air Force five (Fox Force Five?) yard line, and forced consecutive three-and-outs, taking over at the Falcon 39 and punching in the go-ahead TD. Air Force went down the field and scored their own TD with about a minute left (on fourth down, naturally), then went for two on a fake extra point. The holder fumbled the ball out of the end zone (it looked to me like he was trying to pitch it to the trailing kicker and just derp’d the ball to the ground) and the Rockets recovered the onside kick. Seriously, how could someone look at wild games like this one, the Pizza Pizza Bowl, and the N’Awlins Bowl and say with a straight face that there are too many bowl games?

Texas 21, California 10
This, on the other hand, was anti-MACtion. The teams combined for 450 yards. Texas won comfortably despite amassing just 255 yards of offense and going 3-for-14 on third downs. How? They gave up less than 200 yards, on just 2.8 yards per play, finished with thirteen tackles for loss including six sacks, and won the turnover battle 5-0. Actually, how the hell did they only win by 11? Not a lot of offense in this game: the teams combined to go three-and-out NINE TIMES. Not upholding the Holiday Bowl’s fine tradition of providing a wild, major-conference equivalent of MACtion.

In the pick 'em, Jeff has thrusted his way into the lead on the strength of a 7-1 stretch for 178 points, where the fewest points he had on any of his wins was 19 and his lone loss was his 1-point game. Tyler, Elliott, Todd, and Sean all look dangerous, as they're in the top 10 and have only lost very low-point games. Katy Keenan is a sneaky threat, as she's in 15th but her three losses were her 1-, 2-, and 3-point games. Down in 18th, Defending Champion Former Co-worker and One-Time Cuervo Participant Ben is 10-2 and has only lost his 3- and 4-point games. At the other end of the table, the last 7 or 8 people pretty uniformly did not adjust their confidence points, so their entries are super back-loaded, and we will see where they end up.

Top fifteen is below.

1Next Kansas Coach: ErinJeff8-4367205
3Which Way Do I Geaux?Joel M.9-3378200
4Probably not 8-0 goodEne10-2412185
5Make it Rainey on Dem HosTyler10-2429184
6Dantonio BanderasElliott9-3431183
8Dr. Bacon McBratwurstSean9-3442169
9Falcon AmazingAly10-2529165
10Aww, Fuck It!Christina9-3429160
11ArmpunterDonnie Smavels9-3446157
12Picks? Nope: Chuck TestaYours Truly8-4408155
13I Just Want My Kids Back!Fred10-2471154
14Skee Town SizzlersWolfe9-3446150
15rustyballoonknotK. Keenan9-3484140

Monday, December 26, 2011

Bowl Pool Update: December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays, bitches! Let's start right now: hey, wha' happen'?

Boise State 56, Arizona State 24
Another weird game this bowl season. The teams combined for just shy of 850 yards and 50 first downs. They also combined for five turnovers and four non-offensive touchdowns. In something you probably won't see very often, each half began with a kickoff return touchdown: Doug Martin returned the opening kickoff 100 yards for a Boise TD, and Rashad Ross returned the second half opening kickoff 98 yards for a Sun Devil score. Boise QB Kellen Moore earned the 50th win of his career. Unsurprisingly, the Dennis Erickson era at ASU ended with him driving an American flag-themed golf cart into a volcano.

Southern Miss 24, Nevada 17
Thirty-one of the forty-one points scored in this game occurred in the frantic second quarter. Yardage and yards per play were pretty even, and both teams were crappy on third downs and turned the ball over twice. So what was the difference? The first score of the game cam via a blocked punt which Southern Miss recovered for a special teams score. Both teams ran pretty well, and both quarterbacks played like crap for the most part, with SoMiss's Austin Davis barely outplaying Nevada's apparently dyslexic signal caller Lampford Mark.

So, these were two games played since our last update. With thirty people in the group, that means there were sixty picks among us. Of those sixty, there were exactly three incorrect picks. ONE PERSON picked Arizona State (Katey M.) and TWO PEOPLE picked Nevada (Joanna and, again, Katey). Tyrone, is that you?

As usual, top fifteen is below.

1Probably not 8-0 goodEne6-1476131
2ArmPunterDonnie Smavels5-2480129
4Which Way Do I Geaux?Joel M.4-3457121
5Make it Rainey on Dem HosTyler5-2500113
6Next Kansas Coach: ErinJeff4-3463110
7I Just Want My Kids Back!Fred6-1520109
8roneffinswansonAaron W.5-2490104
9Dr. Bacon McBratwurstSean5-2508103
10Picks? Nope: Chuck TestaYours Truly4-3480102
13rustyballoonknotK. Keenan4-352797
14Aww, Fuck It!Christina5-250096
15Skee Town SizzlersWolfe4-350996

Because I know you all care, in our bowl team, er ... fantasy, uh ... league? ... the standings through seven games are thus:

Ryan - 2-0 (W: Marshall, Boise State)
Jack - 1-0 (W: TCU)
Sean - 1-0 (W: Southern Miss)
Scott: 1-1 (W: Ohio; L: Wyoming)
Jeff: 1-2 (W: Temple; L: San Diego State, Florida International)
Todd: 0-1 (L: Utah State)

Of the teams that have already played, no one took Louisiana Lafayette (W), Louisiana Tech (L), Arizona State (L), or Nevada (L).

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bowl Pool Update: Five Games Down

We're five games in and a decent amount of weird shit has already gone down. Let's take a look at wha happen', in chronological order.

Temple 37, Wyoming 15
Temple got up 21-0 five minutes into the second quarter, but the game wasn't really over until they threw a 61-yard touchdown pass less than 40 seconds before halftime, and just one play and six seconds after Wyoming had scored to pull within fourteen. This game was a beatdown.

Ohio 24, Utah State 23
I am still not sure how Ohio won this game. Utah State rushed for 345 yards, outgained OU by 100 yards, converted 9 of 17 third downs (as opposed to OU's 5-for-14), and had a 6.4 to 5.1 advantage in yards per play. The Bobcats scored on a QB keeper with 20 seconds left and made the PAT for the one-point win, as Utah State continued their season-long trend of losing games they should win. Apparently this was Ohio U.'s first-ever bowl victory.

Louisiana-Lafayette 32, San Diego State 30
This was one of those "defense optional" bowl games. The teams conbined for 1,068 yards, 905 through the air. The game was inexplicably won on a 50-yard field goal as time expired, by a placekicker who had already MISSED TWO EXTRA POINTS IN THE GAME. Oh, and the kick just barely cleared the bar, which is significant when you take into account that the only reason it was a 50-yarder instead of 55-yarder was that SDSU got called for something called illegal spinning or stemming or skimming or something, after both sides seemed to jump across the line of scrimmage before the field goal attempt. You see what I mean by weird shit happening?

Marshall 20, Florida International 10
These teams combined for almost half the yards of the LaLaf/SDSU game. With neither offense able to do anything, the game turned on two big plays in the fourth quarter: with the score tied at 10 and under nine minutes to play, Marshall blocked an FIU punt and took over at the FIU 23-yard-line. That drive ended with a go-ahead field goal. On the ensuing possession, FIU drove out to their own 40-yard-line before fumbling with just under five minutes left. Marshall punched in a TD to put the game out of reach. After OU and LaLaf, Marshall was the third consecutive Vegas underdog to win this bowl season.

TCU 31, Louisiana Tech 24
I completely forgot about this game and didn't watch a second of it. In my defense, Kristin was out of town so I was a single father the last few days. Apparently Sean's Fightin' Male Lady Techsters put up quite a fight as an 11-point underdog, leading by seven going into the fourth quarter. TCU punched in two touchdowns in the final stanza, on drives covering 72 and 86 yards, respectively. La Tech's two drives over that span? A total of 2 yards and 2 punts. One team had another gear that the other didn't.

In the pick 'em, it's way too early to tell anything. Fred's in first and his only loss was his one-point game, so he's in the driver's seat. Both Todd and Katy Keenan are 2-3 but have only lost low-confidence games, so they're in great shape. At the other end of the table, four of the last five spots are taken up by people who did not change their confidence points at all, so these first five games were their 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-point games, and they've therefore accumulated very few points. The one person in the bottom five who DID adjust their confidence levels: Al. Who is winless. Derp.

As usual, top fifteen is below.

1I Just Want My Kids Back!Fred4-17397.5
2Probably not 8-0 goodEne4-17297.3
3ArmPunterDonnie Smavels3-27096.8
5Falcon AmazingAly3-26393.7
6Skee Town SizzlersWolfe3-26293.0
7Which Way Do I Geaux?Joel M.2-36192.1
8Next Kansas Coach: ErinJeff2-36091.4
10. . 2nd name its M-E-Y-E-RChris C.2-35588.2
11rustybaloonknotK. Keenan2-35085.6
12Make it Rainey on Dem hosTyler3-24985.1
13Dantonio BanderasElliott2-34281.0
14Picks? Nope: Chuck TestaYours Truly2-34079.2
14Aww, Fuck It!Christina3-24079.2
14Dr. Bacon McBratwurstSean3-24079.2

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bowl Team Fantasy Draft: The Results

As you can see in the previous post, we had our second annual fantasy draft of the bowl teams. We each drafted ten bowl teams, auction-style, with ten teams left over at the end. Ryan was the Big Winner last year, and the four teams that didn't get drafted last year (we drafted after three games had already been played, so there were fewer teams available) ended up going 2-2. So that shows you how much we know. (Hint: it's not a lot.)

Here are the results of this year's draft:

TeamsTulsaOhio StateOklahomaFloridaArkansasOregon
Boise StateUtah StateSouthern MissWestern MiciganWisconsinLouisville
LSUBYUHoustonFlorida Int'lGeorgiaStanford
South CarolinaClemsonIllinoisTemplePurdueTCU
AuburnBaylorMichigan StateVirginiaOhioVirginia Tech
TexasArkansas StateNorthern IllinoisMichiganPenn StateMissouri
Kansas StateVanderbiltNorthwesternOklahoma StateAlabamaTexas A&M
UCLARutgersNebraskaSan Diego StateWyomingToledo
MarshallNorth CarolinaIowa StateMississippi StateFlorida StateCincinnati
No-trah DamePittsburghAir ForceN.C. StateGeorgia TechSMU

Obviously, Sean is really confident in the Big Tweleven, for some reason, and Todd decided to troll his own entry by picking several of the worst teams. Check back in and when the bowls are over we will let you know who won this stupid thing.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yo, it's about that time

It's here again!

Go to:
Search for the group: NumBowlWang!
Type in the password: boban

Sunday, March 6, 2011

For the Sake of Completeness, Part II

Just so we have a record of how everyone finished and can give props to the people who did well (and make fun of those who ... didn't so much):

1The D.E.N.N.I.S. SystemBen42795.3
2Silent VelcroJoel M.42193.9
3Todd McShay's PicksTake a Guess41893.1
4It's a Furry Pig!Fred41792.7
5aaronjw725 1Aaron41692.4
6Shablagoo!BringTheCrunchMatt N.40990.1
7Urban Meyer No CoachyRyan39282.8
8god bless us everyoneDi38478.5
9Dantonio's Heart AttackersElliott38378.0
10Little Orphan AlyAly38176.8
11Chokin' on ApplesauceYours Truly37875.1
12Camboni Newton 4 HeismanChris C.37673.9
13I can haz Cam Newton?Todd37372.0
14MarianneSharp 1Take a Guess37070.1

So, congratulations to Ben. He got his last eight correct, and 10 of his last 11. In his ridiculously back-loaded set, those last eleven games netted him 238 points, in spite of missing his 33-point game (Wisconsin over TCU). Very good job by Ben. However, I am extremely disappoint at the rest of us (other than Former Unofficial MGoBlog Cartoonist Joel) for not beating Todd McShay. TODD MCSHAY!! This was a massive fail on everyone's part, and we should all be ashamed. Fred and Co-worker Aaron round out the top five.

At the other end of the spectrum, Kat brings up the rear with 256 points, good for percentile 8.4 nationally. She lost her 35, 33, 32, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, and 20-point games (that's 11 of her 16 highest-confidence games!), which is frankly incredible. You could flip a coin, etc. etc.  Brother Smavels, Schill, Phil, and Javy round out the bottom five. I have to say that our bottom-dwellers fared a little better than usual this year. We routinely have two or three entrants coming in under the tenth percentile, but Kat's the only one under 10.0 this year, and Javy is in the 25th percentile. That's not too bad (for a bottom-dweller, that is. It's astonishingly for a standard entry).

So you all obviously want to know how our little fantasy draft before the bowl season started. Ryan went 7-3, Scott and Jeff both went 6-4, Todd went 5-5, and Sean and I both went 3-7. So, Ryan wins. Maybe we will do this again next year. We will see.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bowl Pool Update: January 8, 2011

Since last we blogged ... wha happen'?

Stanford 40, Virginia Tech 12
The ACC was terrible this year. They and the Big East should have been stripped of their BCS bids, which should have been handed over to Boise State and either Michigan State or Nevada.

Ohio State 31, Arkansas 26
The SEC bowl curse is over! I think it was an absolute joke that Pryor won game MVP. Cam Heyward was the best player on the field by a significant margin. I think he actually ate one of Arkansas's tackles.

Miami (Not That Miami) 35, Middle Tennessee State 21
Relatively even yardage and yards per play? What could be the difference? MTSU had five turnovers, including four picks, one of which was taken back for a TD. Austin Boucher, who spurned OSU to go to Miami, was named player of the game and got a smooch from the completely overrated Danica Patrick after the game.

LSU 41, Texas A&M 24
LSU was just better. A lot better, actually. Since 1989, TAMU is now 3-13 in bowl games. They are 1-13 against BCS conference teams, with the other two wins coming against TCU and BYU.

In the pick 'em, Di has inexplicably taken the lead on the strength of winning eight of her last ten and putting up 194 points in the process. Unfortunately, she's almost tapped out her points and pretty much has no chance of winning. Take a snapshot of the table as it stands today, Di. One entrant who does not have that problem is coworker Aaron, who has actually won his last nine and accumulating 224 points in those nine. Unlike Di, he still has over 80 points remaining in his incredibly back-loaded pick set (33 points on Miami (OH)?). Other backloaders who have jumped up quite a bit include Fred and, to a lesser extent, Ben. I think in the end it's going to come down to Aaron, Ben, and Joel, who has been top 5 pretty consistently this whole time.

At the other end of the table, Kat is bringing up the rear with a 14-18 record (but she's won her last three!) and 227 points, placing her in percentile 6.1 nationally. She is losing to The Other Snavely, who has an appalling 12-20 record, but more points and more possible points remaining. It's a slow, plodding race between those two. We'll see how that turns out.

Top 15 is below.

1god bless us everyoneDi6379
2Little Orphan AlyAly17378
2Silent VelcroJoel M.43378
4The D.E.N.N.I.S. SystemBen54373
5MarianneSharp 1Take a Guess6369
6aaronjw725 1 Aaron83364
7Shablagoo!BringTheCrunchMatt N.48361
8It's a Furry Pig!Fred60357
9JoannaTake a Guess23353
10I can haz Cam Newton?Todd28350
10Todd McShay's PicksTake a Guess68350
12Dantonios heart attackertsElliott35348
13Boogr, Boogr, & FartybuttAl6345
14Leave me alone JacksonMike N.11340
15katemunger aTake a Guess12333

Monday, January 3, 2011

Bowl Pool Update: January 3, 2011

So, as Big Ten fans ... that could have gone better. Quick change!

South Florida 31, Clemson 26

No-trah Dame 33, Miami (That Miami) 17
Not even that close.

Central Florida 10, Georgia 6
This one is gonna look great on George O'Leary's resume, right next to his victory over the Intergalactic All-Stars while he was at Georgia Tech.

Florida State 26, South Carolina 17
You are never, ever going to win anything at South Carolina, Steve Spurrier.

Texas Tech 45, Northwestern 38

Florida 37, Penn State 24
Matt McGloin just threw another TaINT on an out route.

Alabama 49, Michigan State 7
Well, that was embarrassing.

Mississippi State 52, Michigan 14
Probably wouldn't have made much of a difference in the outcome, but this game was 24-14 at halftime and Michigan forced a punt on the first possession of the third quarter. They then drove down the field and faced a 4th-and-five (I think) at (around) the MSU fifteen. Rodriguez chose to bring out one of Michigan's myriad incompetent kickers, who promptly shanked the approximately 30-yard field goal. At the time, at our bowl watching party, I said that that was the exact moment when Rodriguez was definitely getting fired.

TCU 21, Wisconsin 19
Neither team turned it over, but Wisconsin lost in spite of outgaining TCU by almost 100 yards. The difference was that TCU finished their drives and Wisconsin didn't. The Horned Frogs only really had three sustained drives in the game (the teams only got eight drives a piece), and they punched all three into the endzone. Wisconsin, meanwhile, settled for a couple of field goals and missed another, which would (in retrospect) have won the game.

Oklahoma 48, Connecticut 20
This was exactly what absolute everyone expected. Nine of the ten BCS teams are ranked in the top 13. UConn is the lone exception, and they are unranked. The result reflects that.

Todd and I had the following text message exchange the day after the Big Ten's New Year's Day Massacre:

Me: "Well, yesterday could have gone better."
Todd: "Shit Tyrone."

Obviously, the Big Ten as a whole is Tyrone. For the foreseeable future.

Top 15 is below.

1Silent VelcroJoel M.16-12352
2Todd McShay's PicksTake a Guess19-9350
3MarianneSharp 1Take a Guess15-13347
4Boogr, Boogr, & FartyButtAl16-14333
5Little Orphan AlyAly16-12317
6I can haz Cam Newton?Todd15-13316
7JoannaTake a Guess13-15314
8Leave Me Alone JacksonMike N.14-14309
9Dantonios Heart AttackersElliott15-13304
10katemunger 1Take a Guess15-13301
10god bless us everyoneDi15-13301
13Zoe's First Bowl Pick EmKristin15-13294
13It's a furry pig!Fred17-11294
15Shablagoo!BringTheCrunchMatt N.14-14292