Sunday, March 6, 2011

For the Sake of Completeness, Part II

Just so we have a record of how everyone finished and can give props to the people who did well (and make fun of those who ... didn't so much):

1The D.E.N.N.I.S. SystemBen42795.3
2Silent VelcroJoel M.42193.9
3Todd McShay's PicksTake a Guess41893.1
4It's a Furry Pig!Fred41792.7
5aaronjw725 1Aaron41692.4
6Shablagoo!BringTheCrunchMatt N.40990.1
7Urban Meyer No CoachyRyan39282.8
8god bless us everyoneDi38478.5
9Dantonio's Heart AttackersElliott38378.0
10Little Orphan AlyAly38176.8
11Chokin' on ApplesauceYours Truly37875.1
12Camboni Newton 4 HeismanChris C.37673.9
13I can haz Cam Newton?Todd37372.0
14MarianneSharp 1Take a Guess37070.1

So, congratulations to Ben. He got his last eight correct, and 10 of his last 11. In his ridiculously back-loaded set, those last eleven games netted him 238 points, in spite of missing his 33-point game (Wisconsin over TCU). Very good job by Ben. However, I am extremely disappoint at the rest of us (other than Former Unofficial MGoBlog Cartoonist Joel) for not beating Todd McShay. TODD MCSHAY!! This was a massive fail on everyone's part, and we should all be ashamed. Fred and Co-worker Aaron round out the top five.

At the other end of the spectrum, Kat brings up the rear with 256 points, good for percentile 8.4 nationally. She lost her 35, 33, 32, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, and 20-point games (that's 11 of her 16 highest-confidence games!), which is frankly incredible. You could flip a coin, etc. etc.  Brother Smavels, Schill, Phil, and Javy round out the bottom five. I have to say that our bottom-dwellers fared a little better than usual this year. We routinely have two or three entrants coming in under the tenth percentile, but Kat's the only one under 10.0 this year, and Javy is in the 25th percentile. That's not too bad (for a bottom-dweller, that is. It's astonishingly for a standard entry).

So you all obviously want to know how our little fantasy draft before the bowl season started. Ryan went 7-3, Scott and Jeff both went 6-4, Todd went 5-5, and Sean and I both went 3-7. So, Ryan wins. Maybe we will do this again next year. We will see.

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