Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bowl Pool Update: December 31, 2011

Wha happen'?

BYU 24, Tulsa 21
In an oddly defensive game, the two offenses combined to complete fewer than 50% of their passes and rushed for 2.4 and 1.4 yards per carry, respectively. Tulsa led most of the game, but BYU scored a touchdown on the Dan Marino Fake Spike Oh Noes play with 40 seconds left to give the Cougs the win. Their QB finished the game 17-for40 for 6.3 yards per attempt, 3 TDs and 2 INTs. Yeah, he won. This game was really kind of tedious to watch, but probably not as tedious as...

Rutgers 27, Iowa State 13
In a battle between two bad teams, Iowa State out-badded Rutgers. The Scarlet Knights used competent defense and a good running game to beat ISU's own-foot-shooting quarterbacks. Rutgers rushed for 173 yards and their QBs didn't make mistakes (usually overthrowing the ball and giving their gigantic receivers a chance against ISU's midget corners, i.e., "this is either gonna be incomplete or my mutant receiver is gonna make an acrobatic catch"). The teams combined to go 4-for-26 on third downs, each side going 2-for13. ISU's quarterbacks were plainly awful. Jared Barnett was 2-7 before getting hurt. Steele Jantz then came in and went 15-31 for 6.4 yards per attempt and two picks. He also regularly overthrew wide open receivers, most notably when he overthrew his wide-open running back on a screen pass. By ten yards. ISU's two best receivers caught three of their fourteen targets. Conversely, Rutgers WR Brandon Coleman caught one of the five passes that went his way, but it went for an 86-yard touchdown, effectively icing what was at that point a one-score game. Summarization of the game from three lines of the chat we did yesterday:

Jeff: How did ISU beat Oklahoma State?
Todd and Jack, simultaneously: How did they beat ANYONE?

Mississippi State 23, Wake Forest 17
I have no idea how Wake Forest ever wins games. It seems like they've been getting results purely on the margins for like ten years now. According to SBN's Bill Connelly, Wake Forest gained a turnover points margin of 18.4 points in this game (forcing 4 turnovers while never turning it over themselves), which is the only reason they were even close, as MSU outgained them by 100 yards and had a 6.5 to 3.3 advantage in yards per play. When forced into passing situations, Wake Forest's offense became useless: their pass plays on 3rd or 4th and long (defined as 6 yards or more to go) gained an average of -1.1 yards per play. MSU had 12 tackles for loss and were just, you know, better.

Oklahoma 31, Iowa 14
Early in this game, Iowa went for it on fourth and 1 from the Oklahoma 5-yard line. They lined up in a tight formation with Marvin McNutt the only receiver. Oklahoma apparently didn't see McNutt, because they didn't line anyone up to cover him, and McNutt was waiving his arms wildly trying to get QB James Vandenberg's attention. He apparently failed, because Vandenberg proceeded to hand the ball off to Jordan Canzeri, who got swallowed for a three yard loss. Oklahoma went into halftime up 14-0 despite gaining only 89 yards, as they had one 64-yard TD drive and one 5-yard TD drive after an idiotic Vandenberg interception. Their other four drives all went three-and-out. Both teams averaged 3.3 yards per play in the first half. Oklahoma's average starting field position was their 42-yard-line. Iowa never started a drive outside their own 30. Iowa outgained OU for the game and turnovers and special teams were the difference here, but, with the media climate the way that it is, the fact that a 4-4 Big Ten team essentially played toe-to-toe with mighty Oklahoma will be completely overlooked, and this will somehow be viewed as a failure for the Big Ten.

Not a ton of movement in the pick 'em, as it seems like favorites are winning most of the games. Top 15 as of today is below.

1Dantonio BanderasElliott14-4270337
2Which Way Do I Geaux?Joel M.15-3256322
3For Whom the Belk TollsJeff11-7232305
4Probably no 8-0 goodEne14-4260304
5Dr. Bacon McBratwurstSean15-3290300
6Make it Rainey on Dem HosTyler15-3311287
9Aww, Fuck It!Christina14-4311269
10ArmpunterDonnie Smavels13-5298266
11Skee Town SizzlersWolfe14-4328254
12Picks? Nope: Chuck TestaYours Truly12-6292252
13rustyballoonknotK. Keenan13-5346240
14I Just Want My Kids Back!Fred15-3381236

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