Friday, December 30, 2011

Bowl Pool Update: It Has to be Done

Don't forget the chat later today at or around 3:20. But before that, let's take a look at wha happen'.

Florida State 18, No-trah Dame 14
With about six minutes left in the third quarter, FSU trailed 14-3 and had amassed only 129 yards of offense. They then embarked on a 10-play, 84-yard touchdown drive that no one saw coming, culminating in an 18-yard touchdown pass on the first play of the fourth quarter. Brian Kelly continued his quarterback roulette routine and brought in Andrew Hendrix, who promptly threw a pick, FSU taking over at the ND 18-yard-line. They punched in another TD to take the lead and never trailed again. On three straight second half drives (including a 71-yard FG drive later in the fourth), FSU gained about half the yards they would gain in the game. Meanwhile, Tommy Rees did what Tommy Rees does, which is turn the ball over inside the red zone. He threw two picks in the FSU endzone, the last of which occurred with just over three minutes left and ND trailing by four. In all, No-trah Dame scored a grand total of seven points on four trips inside the FSU 40-yard-line (one TD, one missed FG, two picks in the end zone).

Baylor 67, Warshington 56
Holy shit, this wasn't even "defense-optional," it was "defense nonexistent." The teams combined for 1397 yards and there's almost no limit to the bizarre things you could say about this game. The teams obliterated the record for most combined yards in a bowl game, beating the old record by almost 200 yards. Look at that final score. There was one field goal in this game. Every other point was scored by touchdowns. Seventeen of them. SEVENTEEN TOUCHDOWNS. Yes, that is a new bowl record. The teams combined for six touchdowns and 43 points in the third quarter. There were nineteen KICKOFFS in this game. Both teams went 3-for-4 on fourth downs. Each team punted only twice (frankly, I'm shocked there were that many). For all the gaudy stats, Heisman winner Robert Griffin, III had a quiet night passing, going 24-33 for 295 yards and one score. Baylor did most of their damage on the ground, as three different rushers gained 100 rushing yards, led by Terrance Ganaway's 200 yards on 21 carries. On the other side, Warshington QB Keith Price threw for 438 yards and four scores, with no picks. He also rushed for 39 yards and three more TDs. Yes, his seven total touchdowns is a new bowl game record. And Chris Spielman was doing the color commentary for this defensive atrocity! He was clearly frustrated and appeared at one point to say about Baylor's defense, "To me, the guys out there have no idea what they're doing." Warshington scored an 80-yard touchdown on the first play of the second half to go up 42-24. Baylor outscored them 43-14 the rest of the way. This game was bananas.

Now, I normally don't do an update so soon after another update unless there were a bunch of games played, but this is a special occasion, because as of today, right now, Sean has exactly 220 points. Which is, of course, at least 220. And that fact needs to be preserved. You're welcome.

1Dantonio BanderasElliott11-3369245
1Which Way Do I Geaux?Joel M.11-3333245
3For Whom the Belk TollsJeff9-5321239
5Dr. Bacon McBratwurstSean12-2391220
5Probably not 8-0 goodEne11-3360220
7Make it Rainey on Dem HosTyler11-3382216
9Aww, Fuck It!Christina11-3388201
10Skee Town SizzlersWolfe11-3402194
11rustyballoonknotK. Keenan11-3435189
11Falcon AmazingAly11-3384189
11ArmpunterDonnie Smavels10-4395189
14Picks? Nope: Chuck TestaYours Truly9-5369180
15I Just Want My Kids Back!Fred11-3444173

Through fourteen games, the standings of our dumb little bowl team fantasy league are thus:

Ryan: 3-1 (W: Marshall, Boise State, Texas; L: No-trah Dame)
Todd: 1-2 (W: Baylor; L: Utah State, North Carolina)
Sean: 1-1 (W: Southern Miss; L: Air Force)
Jeff: 2-3 (W: Temple, NC State; L: San Diego State, Florida Int'l, Western Michigan)
Scott: 3-1 (W: Ohio, Purdue, Florida State; L: Wyoming)
Jack: 3-1 (W: TCU, Missourah, Toledo; L: Louisville)

Nobody took Louisiana Lafayette (W), Louisiana Tech (L), Arizona State (L), Nevada (L), California (L), or Warshington (L).

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