Monday, December 26, 2011

Bowl Pool Update: December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays, bitches! Let's start right now: hey, wha' happen'?

Boise State 56, Arizona State 24
Another weird game this bowl season. The teams combined for just shy of 850 yards and 50 first downs. They also combined for five turnovers and four non-offensive touchdowns. In something you probably won't see very often, each half began with a kickoff return touchdown: Doug Martin returned the opening kickoff 100 yards for a Boise TD, and Rashad Ross returned the second half opening kickoff 98 yards for a Sun Devil score. Boise QB Kellen Moore earned the 50th win of his career. Unsurprisingly, the Dennis Erickson era at ASU ended with him driving an American flag-themed golf cart into a volcano.

Southern Miss 24, Nevada 17
Thirty-one of the forty-one points scored in this game occurred in the frantic second quarter. Yardage and yards per play were pretty even, and both teams were crappy on third downs and turned the ball over twice. So what was the difference? The first score of the game cam via a blocked punt which Southern Miss recovered for a special teams score. Both teams ran pretty well, and both quarterbacks played like crap for the most part, with SoMiss's Austin Davis barely outplaying Nevada's apparently dyslexic signal caller Lampford Mark.

So, these were two games played since our last update. With thirty people in the group, that means there were sixty picks among us. Of those sixty, there were exactly three incorrect picks. ONE PERSON picked Arizona State (Katey M.) and TWO PEOPLE picked Nevada (Joanna and, again, Katey). Tyrone, is that you?

As usual, top fifteen is below.

1Probably not 8-0 goodEne6-1476131
2ArmPunterDonnie Smavels5-2480129
4Which Way Do I Geaux?Joel M.4-3457121
5Make it Rainey on Dem HosTyler5-2500113
6Next Kansas Coach: ErinJeff4-3463110
7I Just Want My Kids Back!Fred6-1520109
8roneffinswansonAaron W.5-2490104
9Dr. Bacon McBratwurstSean5-2508103
10Picks? Nope: Chuck TestaYours Truly4-3480102
13rustyballoonknotK. Keenan4-352797
14Aww, Fuck It!Christina5-250096
15Skee Town SizzlersWolfe4-350996

Because I know you all care, in our bowl team, er ... fantasy, uh ... league? ... the standings through seven games are thus:

Ryan - 2-0 (W: Marshall, Boise State)
Jack - 1-0 (W: TCU)
Sean - 1-0 (W: Southern Miss)
Scott: 1-1 (W: Ohio; L: Wyoming)
Jeff: 1-2 (W: Temple; L: San Diego State, Florida International)
Todd: 0-1 (L: Utah State)

Of the teams that have already played, no one took Louisiana Lafayette (W), Louisiana Tech (L), Arizona State (L), or Nevada (L).

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