Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bowl Pool Update: December 30, 2010

So, wha happen?

Maryland 51, East Carolina 20
This game stunk and nobody cared. Two people in the pick 'em went with the Pirates. Those people made poor ... choices.

Illinoize 38, Baylor 14
In a virtual road game, with 60,000+ Baylor fans in the house at the Texas Bowl, Illinois beat the crap out of the Bears pretty much from start to finish. The Illini only outgained Baylor by 100 yards, which is a factor of Illinois absolutely owning field position in the first half and Baylor going on two 50+ yard drives in the first half that both ended with turnovers right around the Illinois 30-yard line. That total yardage number is a little deceptive, as the Illini had a 7.3 to 6.1 edge in yards per play, putting up 308 rushing yards when you exclude sacks. Members of the spread-happy Big Twelve are clearly not used to facing teams that actually try to run the ball: through two games against BXII teams with better records than them, the Big Ten is 2-0 and have outrushed their opponents 516 to 202, with an edge of 5.93 to 3.48 in yards per carry. Is this enought to keep The Zooker around?

Oklahoma State 36, Arizona 10
Arizona had more rushing yards, more passing yards, and more first downs than their opponent. How did they lose by four scores? Say it with me: turnovers! The Wildcats turned it over four times to Oak State's zero, and one of those four was a 61-yard TaINT in the second quarter that swung the score from a possible 17-14 deficit for the Wildcats to 24-7. It was pretty much academic after that.

We have two new entrants into the top 15 of the pick 'em: say hello to Joanna and Al! Joanna leapt from the high 20s all the way up to a tie for fifth, on the strength of her 94-point day (30 on Maryland, 29 on Illinois, and 35 on Oak State). Al also went 3-0, netting 63 points. All told, 15 of our 32 entrants went undefeated yesterday. Scooter's won four in a row and five out of six. Todd has won six out of seven, and his lone loss was a 9-pointer. Todd McShay is still doing irritatingly well. Javy's picks have been an absolute roller coaster ride: he started 0-3, won his next four, lost his next four, and then went undefeated yesterday to settle at 7-7. Marianne is sitting in the 99th percentile nationally.

We still have twenty-one bowl games left to play! Four on tap today, and they all look completely uninteresting. Come on by for the chat at 6:30 tonight! DO IT!

1MarianneSharp 1Take a Guess10-4231281
2Leave me alone JacksonMike N.8-6231223
3Silent VelcroJoel M.9-5333211
4Shablagoo!BringTheCrunchMatt N.9-5333202
5I can haz Cam Newton?Todd10-4371200
5JoannaTake a Guess7-7266200
8christmas aleScott8-6328194
8katemunger 1Take a Guess7-7231194
10astro1305 1Javy7-7231191
11Todd McShay's PicksTake a Guess11-3377187
12Chokin' on ApplesauceYours Truly9-5328184
13Little Orphan AlyAly8-6336179
14Boogr, Boogr, & FartyButtAl7-7259176

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Syracuse is on right now, which reminds me of one of the unassailable truths of the universe:

Sean loves Walter Reyes.