Monday, January 9, 2012

Bowl Pool Update: One Game to Go

Herp of a derp.

EARLY CONGRATULATIONS TO ELLIOTT! With one game to play, it is mathematically impossible for anyone to pass him. Mark Dantonio's grimace and reluctant, uncomfortable smile shines down on him. I am chagrined that there are not enough characters for his pick set to be named "come and get your biscuits." Shame on you, ESPN.

1Dantonio BanderasElliott24-101531
2Make it Rainey on Dem HosTyler27-714510
2Dr. Bacon McBratwurstSean25-91510
4Probably no 8-0 goodEne25-93504
5rustyballoonknotKaty K.24-1015495
5Which Way Do I Geaux?Joel M.26-84495
8I Just Want My Kids Back!Fred25-928460
9Aww, Fuck It!Christina24-101453
11For Whom the Belk TollsJeff20-1424449
12Picks? Nope: Chuck TestaYours Truly22-128438
15ArmpunterDonnie Smavels23-111428
15roneffinswansonAaron W.25-931428

BTW, congrats to all of us on an especially competitive league this year. For a bit of perspective, the last place person in our group, Dimitri, is in the 33rd percentile and has 35 points on the game tonight, so he could move up quite a bit. We regularly have a couple of people in the sub-10th-percentile range, so that's a totally respectable score. Well, not really, but still. Also, congrats to the group for their two "Parks and Recreation" references in the last five entries. Yeah.

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