Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Independence Bowl SOC: 4th Quarter

4th Quarter

UGA 1st and 10 at Aggie 12, 24-14 Georgia

TAMU has them double up in yardage but this game is all but over. First and goal at the 1. Stone walled on 1st down. Nothing on 2nd down. Yooge play here. Play action and touchdown. Lame. PAT good. 31-14 UGA and this game is OVAH.

TAMU 1st and 10 at own 34, 13:02 to play, 31-14 UGA

Smote! Johnson throws high and the Georgia safety dropped a pick 6 right off his chest. The other UGA safety drops another pick and it’s 3 and out. FYI, the Aggies have mailed it in. Times out. Another high snap, but caught, jeez. PUNT

UGA 1st and 10 own 29, 31-14 Georgia

It’s time to check who I picked to win this game in the bowl mania. It appears I have 20 points on Georgia as the UGA FB rumbles for 25 yards and an Aggie gets hurt. Joe Cox. And another times out. Super. Odds of Georgia scoring on this drive: 1 hundred percent. Joe Cox under center. Handoff and right up the middle for 24 yards down to the Aggie 15. Toss play and they’re at the 1. They’re in for the TD. The frumpino Ref rambles on about offsetting penalties. PAT good. 38-14 UGA

KUTLASS is back and this time they tell me that Advocare is TSA approved. Thanks Dick.

Aggies 1st and 10 own 20, 9:40 left, 38-14 Georgia

Apparently we have to keep playing the game, and we’re now showing Russ the interim Bulldog mascot. The handler is possibly the most southern person in history. Deedley. TAMU throws a pointless 1 yard pass on 3rd and 5 and it’s another 3 and out. And finally, an uneventful punt. PUNT!

UGA 1st and 10 own 35, 38-14 UGA

Immediately they have a 32 yard run. Joe Cox has become Logan Gray. Several backups are into the game now. Also, the fans have begun the S-E-C chant. Georgia has 115 yards this quarter and there’s still 7min to go. This game is going to go over 4 hours. And someone named Munzenmaier is tackled. Ahh, now I see how they beat GT, they ran for 339 yards in that game. Meanwhile UGA scores on a 4 yard run and then the kicker shanks the PAT terrifically. 44-14 Georgia

TAMU 1st and 10 own 35, 44-14 UGA

I have no way to verify it, but I’m fairly certain I’m the only person still watching this game. Aggie receivers muff two catches. Then they make a couple of catches, then I stop watching for a couple of plays. Just under 3 minutes to play. A nice catch, ahem, a NICE catch by an Aggie wide-out and it’s 1st and goal. Smote. TAMU punches it in and goes for 2. Pass tipped and conversion failed. 44-20 UGA

Onside kick goes OB and Bobo takes a Gatorade bath. Richt is spared the orange-ish shower.

UGA 1st and 10 at Aggie 40, 44-20 Russesesesss
Just a minute left and Georgia runs out the clock. Richt is still nervous that Cox is gonna get him wet. Oh yeah. And that’s the ball game! Cox extends past Johnson as Georgia wins in a very strange blow-out. The game lasted exactly 4 hours and sadly I don’t think I made enough dick jokes.

Final Score 44-20 Georgia.

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