Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Independence Bowl SOC: 1st Quarter

LIVE from Shreveport it’s the 2009 Advocare V100(?) Independence Bowl starring TAMU vs UGA.

Joining me today in the booth is Ron Franklin and Ed Cunningham. We learn right away the Georgia has fired 3 defensive coaches and apparently it’s clear and cool for the 5pm kickoff. It’s no beef bowl, but kickoff is next.

Pregame with Mark Richt. Question to coach Richt: “What will be the toughest challenge for today’s game?” Answer: “Getting lined up”. Analysis by me: “That’s some interesting coaching”. TAMU’s coach Sherman is looking pissed off already and they defer the toss. TAMU is 6-6 (3-5) and UGA is 7-5 (4-4).

1st Quarter

UGA ball 1st and 10 at own 30

Joe Cox. Joe Cox. Just say it with me. Also, his head is shaped like a triangle. O-line starts someone named Vince Vance. For realsees. TAMU’s defense is uninteresting. UGA gets AJ Green back for this game and Georgia is getting him the ball nonstop. Georgia gets stuff on 3rd and 1 at the TAMU 40. They should totally go for this. 4th and 3 in the Advocare V100 bowl, why not, but they punt and down it at the 3.

TAMU ball 1st and 10 at own 3

Offensive intros for TAMU. They start someone named Jeff Fuller. I went to high school with a Jeff Fuller. They would not be confused as related. Just like that, 3 and out for A&M. Punting from his own end zone and punt.

Advocare has hired Drew Brees and Saints colored uniforms as their spokespeople. I’m not sure what this means. Their products are “safe and effective” according to CEO Dick Wright. Thanks Dick.

UGA ball 1st and 10 at TAMU 43.

Joe Cox. Early thought is that Georgia is the better team. They seem to be controlling the line and have the explosive player in this game in AJ Green. Joe Cox. Therefore, I’m openly routing for TAMU. Matt Featherston is hurt. We should get him some Advocare products, whatever they are. 3rd and 11, Joe Cox, screen, and a good tackle for a stop. Cunningham complements Mike Bobo for calling a 3 yard screen pass. PUNT. Touchback.

TAMU 1st and 10 at own 20.

This game is scoreless with no attempted plays downfield. Lame. Joe Cox. Shreveport has the largest public arts mural in the nation. Also, it was paint by numbers. Really? Whatevs. TAMU averages the 2nd most plays in the nations at just over 80 a game. Right now they look terrible. Second straight 3 and out. PUNT.

Advocare also employs the selling power of such sports stars as: Josh Brown, Brad Hawpe, Carli Lloyd, Brent Quigly, and Matt Harpring. Thanks Dick.

UGA 1st and 10 own 30, 6:55 left in 1st quarter, 0-0

Joe Cox. Fuck it, I’m going long. Incomplete to AJ Green on his 6th look of the game. Run play for 5. Then tipped pass by Featherston who must have taken his V100. PUNT. FUMBLE. Oooooh. TAMU got lucky as the ball sneaks out of bounds.

TAMU 1st and 10 at own 28

Furthest down field they’ve been today. We just now get to announce the UGA defense. TAMU has a nice play, but holdin’ on Jeff Fuller. A&M’s QB Jerod Johnson is pretty nifty in the open field. Another 1st down called back for holding. Two incomplete passes and PUNT. 0 first downs for TAMU so far.

UGA 1st and 10 at own 39

Lordy this game is boring. Tomorrow we have UCLA vs Temple and Miami vs Wisconsin, I should have done those. Joe Cox. JOE COX. Post pattern to the TE which is ruled incomplete. It’s…..a terrible call. Should be overturned. Review…..Review…..Joe Cox…..Review…..AND….the ruling on the field stands. Wow, that’s terrible. I guess you don’t officiate the Advocare V100 bowl on accident.

Hmmm…okay so my cable went out for 5 minutes. Suddenly TAMU has the ball and the 1st quarter is mercifully over. It’s 0-0. However, I did learn that one of the players is named “Christine”. According to Ron Franklin, “His mom thought it was gonna be a girl and already had the name picked out. So they just changed the pronunciation to “Christian”. It’s no “La-a”, but wow. In summary, ine = ian.

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