Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Independence Bowl SOC: 2nd Quarter

2nd quarter

TAMU 3rd and 7 from UGA 34

Little gainer and now a 49 yard FG attempt. Blocked. Sigh. So we remain scoreless. UGA takes over.

UGA 1st and 10 from own 32

Whatever I said about Georgia earlier, just ignore it. These teams both stink. How did Georgi beat GT? Wild. Joe Cox delivers a duck for a 1st down. Follow up by a loss of 3. Joe Cox delivers another duck on 3rd and 13 and TAMU’s corner is borderline retarded and allows him to run past him. Injury to Washaun Ealey, UGA RB. Joe Cox. Ealey’s up and okay. Joe Cox throws his best ball of the day right to the TAMU corner. He was wide open. By he, I mean the TAMU player.

TAMU 1st and 10 at own 37

Jerrod Johnson make a nice throw, ahem, a nice throw. The receiver caught it, gets tackled, runs to the sideline, and then passes out. Injury times out. Breaking news!! Mike Leach is suspended for the bowl game as he “allegedly” put an injured player in an electrical closet for several hours. He also confined that same player to a dark equipment room with a concussion. Why not? And we’re back as Ron Franklin says, “Good job by Johnson not keeping his 6’5” frame erect”. Giggles. Meanwhile, TAMU is driving nicely down to the UGA 26. Maybe we’ll get some points in this game? Maybe? Just to taunt me, they show a graphic that TAMU is averaging 460 yds and 33 points per game. And now it’s 4th and 15. Balls. Another 49 yard FG attempt. And they don’t think they should kick the FG and a times out is called. I bet they punt. You really need that 12 yards of field position. Ok, 4th and 15 and they line up for a FG, and it’s a FAKE. A fake FG punt. Sigh. Well, it goes OB at the 5.

UGA 1st and 10 at own 5

Joe Cox hands off and falls down. Joe Cox, not good at football. Joe Cox, not good at walking. Little over 6 minutes left in the half and I’m not sure there’s 200 yards of offense yet. Phffff, Joe Cox throws a strike? Whatevs. Nice 1st down though on 3rd and 10 from their own 5. According to Ron Franklin the Georgia FB is wearing mittens. I’m not sure what that means. Oh goodie! Another punt. It’s Georgia’s fifth already.

TAMU 1st and 10 at own 25, 4:40 left 2nd Qtr, 0-0

Incomplete pass, 2 yard loss, ooooh, 16 yard pass. That was bordering on competent. Johnson, FUCK IT, I’m going deep. JUST overthrown to Jeff Fuller. Then on 3rd and 8 Jerrod Johnson jukes all 3 LBs and picks up a first. He follows that up by a pass to no one and then a false start. Fuck it! I’m going deep again, this time into double coverage. COMPLETE. Wow. 1st down inside the UGA 20!!! I can smell points! And Georgia takes a times out. YOU KNOW IT! Holy cross. Johnson just guns one into the end zone and it’s caught for a TD. POINTS! PAT good.

TAMU 7-0

Ensuing kick-off, BLAM-O! Returned for a TD by UGA 81 yards. PAT good. Tied 7-7.
Hopefully this opens things up a bit. But the thing is, Joe Cox is terrible.
TAMU 1st and 10 at own 25, 2:15 left 2nd Qtr, 7-7
A&M looks like they’re content to run out the half. But then they fumble, interesting choice. TAMU does recover. UGA on the season is -17 in turnover margin 119th in the country. Wow. 3 and out and UGA will get the ball back. PUNT! BLOCKED! Wowzers. They didn’t block the edge rusher AT ALL.

UGA 1st and goal at TAMU 2

Handoff, fumble, recovered into the end zone by UGA for a TD. Why not. PAT good. 14-7 Georgia.
There’s been 3 TDs on the past 7 plays of this game. Weird.

TAMU 1st and 10 at own 25, 1:17 left 2nd Qtr, 14-7 UGA

Looks like TAMU isn’t gonna settle for being down 7 as they go hurry up. Quickly across midfield with 34 sec left. Things stall after taking a sack, but they spike it with 10 sec left at the 34. Completion for a first down with 2 sec and they try to spike it. Eh…they say it’s halftime. They aren’t even reviewing it? Looks like there should have been 1 sec left. Once again, you don’t officiate the Advocare V100 bowl on accident.

14-7 Georgia at the HALFTIMES!


Jack said...

Wha happen'?

Jack said...

I thought there should have been a second left too. Odd that they didn't even review it.